Thursday, October 16, 2014

Birthday month 30-day writing challenge: Day 16...

The world is going to end tomorrow. What are you going to do with the remaining time on earth?

Hmm, a bit of a morbid question, isn't it? Haha! It would probably be more interesting if the question was raised among a group of people. I would be curious to hear the responses of other people.

Since that is not possible in the current scenario, I will just answer the question myself. Haha!

If the world were to end tomorrow at 11:59PM, these are the things that I will do:

1. Fly back to Manila via Singapore Airlines Business Class. It's on my bucket list to fly SQ and experience how awesome the airline is. If the world were to end tomorrow, when else would I do that? Haha! Besides, what else will I do with my savings?! Haha!

2. Upon arrival in Manila, I will visit my closest friends. That is if the jam will allow me to do that. I would visit a few people in particular to tell them that I love them and to thank them for being a significant part of my life.

3. I will meet up with my Mom and my two brothers. I will take them shopping. If we're going to go, we are going to go in style. Haha! We'll head to Greenbelt or Rustan's and buy ourselves some nice clothes.

4. After shopping, I'll bring my fam to one of the nice buffet places in Manila. Sofitel perhaps? Or Circles? We'll have a good meal.

5. Our final stop would be the church. In particular, we will go to Our Lady of Lourdes Church in QC. That church is dear to our entire family. It makes sense that we spedn the last few hours in that sanctuary. I would go for confession. And after that, we would attend the Mass. (Surely, there will be a Mass.) The last few hours will then be spent reminiscing about the good life and praying the rosary.

Well, that wasn't too difficult. Hahaha!

What would you do?

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