Thursday, October 2, 2014

Birthday month 30-day writing challenge: Day 2....

Day 2 of the birthday month 30-day writing challenge. Haha!

Before I do today's assignment, a bit of how the day went. For breakkie, I went to the neighbouring Starbucks at one-north. I'm really a CBTL guy but since the nearest CBTL is either Kent Ridge or Holland V, I have no choice but to settle for SB.

Thursday mornings at SB is starting to become somewhat of a routine. It's not very good because I'm spending way too much for breakkie. Haha! I could get a very tasty char kway teow for $3 at the nearby kopitiam. But no, I'm throwing away $10.20 to be exact for a turkey ham/egg white sandwich paired with my signature drink, a grande non-fat caramel macchiato.

Afterwards, it was just a busy day at the office. I took on some new projects and as I may have written a previous post, I am still learning the ropes of the processes of the new projects.

If Thursday mornings is usually breakkie at Starbucks, Thursday nights these past few months is Pump + Combat with Tipz.

These past two weeks, we've been missing our routine though. Last week, I was in Yogya with Mom. Tipz's family was in town. Tonight, we were set to go to the gym until I got a message that he had the sniffles. Instead of the gym, we ended up having dinner and dessert. Lol!

Moving on to today's writing assignment... it's quite easy. 10 Likes & 10 Dislikes:

Here you go:


Punctual people; Books; Cheesy movies; Brunch with friends; Nature walks; Travel; Volunteer work; Museums; Musicals; Beautiful sunrise.

10 Dislikes

Latecomers; People who have no compassion for others; Heavy metal music; Cleaning the toilet; Scary movies; Wasting food; Liars; Bittergourd; The need to press clothes; Congested and dirty cities. Lol!

That was easy.

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