Wednesday, May 27, 2015

About tonight and last night...

I just got home not too long ago. I came from the library to do some school work.

Sheesh, almost three hours at the library and I didn't even finish half of the things that I wanted to do. Yes, I finished my assignments for tomorrow. Yes, I finished reading and prepping for tomorrow's lesson. However, there are still some other things I wanted to work on.

Before I know it, the PA announcement went on saying that the library was closing in 30 mins. Then came the fifteen minute announcement. The last was a five minute announcement. And finally, at exactly 9PM, the announcement that the library was closed came on. Hehe!

I really, really, really love the libraries in Singapore! I sometimes wish though that there was a library that's open until 11PM. Or even better, how about a library that's open for 24 hours? There's a gym that's open round the clock for people who want to work out at 2 or 3 in the morning. There's a department store that's open 24 hours in case one wants to do his/her grocery during the wee hours of the morning. Why not a 24 hour library then? Hehe!


The other thing I wanted to write about was a spontaneous get-together with former Singapore- now Dubai-based friend Rej. She surprised all of her friends when she messaged yesterday morning that she was in town for work. Her close girl friends then organised a surprise get-together for her.

I was originally planning to go to the library last night so I can go to the gym tonight. But when a friend is in town, you drop certain things for them. No questions asked. Hehe! So along with all her other friends, we surprised Rej when we showed up at the karaoke place in Cathay Cineleisure.

It's always good to see old friends. Last night was also extra special because it was also a reunion of sorts for former Smartees PA people. CorpComm = Rej and I. MedRel = Arlyn. ComParts = Joann. We just had to take a photo and I sent it to our dear boss, RRI. Hehe!

This entry will be rather short as I really want to get up early tomorrow to have a short run around the neighbourhood before I start my day. Just before I started to write this post, my Japanese friend called me via Facebook (I didn't know there's such a feature) to confirm that he and his family will be in town this August. We chatted for a bit before he went back to his colleagues as they were out drinking on a Wednesday night. Hehe! Looking forward to see him and the fam this August.

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