Sunday, May 31, 2015

A 9KM trail walk, a guided tour and a good Mass...

It was such a tiring Sunday. Thankfully, tomorrow is a holiday because of Vesak Day.

I had three things on my agenda today - 1.) nature walk with Mr. Lim, Des and Justin; 2.) join the guided tour of fellow museum guide Lionel at the newly-opened Indian Heritage Centre and; 3.) Mass at St. Ignatius.

The morning walk with the three guys was at the Green Corridor trail. The trail was where the former KTM railway tracks used to be. It was rather an easy trail because it was very flat terrain. The main concern really was the scorching heat of the sun. As I mentioned in a previous post, the hot and humid weather these past few days was close to unbearable. This morning though, I think the weather was better compared to yesterday's and Friday's.

Some parts of the trail had no shade, but most parts did have some tree shade. Anyone who wonders whether Singapore has any greens simply has to hit the Green Corridor trail. At certain sections, it feels like being transported to the countryside of some other country because there are only trees and greeneries in sight. No skyscrapers. No HDB flats.

The walk was really relaxing. There were other groups of people who were also doing a Sunday morning walk. There were others who were on their mountain/trail bikes. I enjoyed seeing a lot of birds and different types of butterflies. Other sightings were a water hen and its four chicks, a squirrel, a snake crossing the path. Yikes! Haha!

The whole walk we did was just about close to 9K. It was rather nice. I dun mind going back to do the trail.

From Rifle Range area, Mr. Lim drove to Little India. Des and Justin, on the other hand, bid us farewell. They didn't join us in the afternoon activity since they had their own plans.

It was my first time to visit the Indian Heritage Centre. The building is beautiful. I'd love to see it at night. The guided tour was at 2PM. Because it's free entrance at the museum this April, there were a lot, a lot of people. Lionel's tour started with just about 10 of us. When we went in the galleries, the number of people swelled to about 20 to 30. Hehe! I still followed the tour but I let the other people get a better spot. Anyway, I can always join the next tour of Lionel. I loved the fourth level of the museum. That was where most of the old artefacts were. I'm definitely returning for a longer appreciation time of the artefacts. Hehe!

After his guided tour, Mr. Lim headed back while I had a snack with Lionel at a nearby cafe. He introduced me to an Indian dessert called appam and ladoo. Both nice. I prefer the appam though. Haha!

By 430, I said buhbye to Lionel and walked over to the bus stop at Bukit Timah Road. I took Bus 48 to get to the church of St. Ignatius. I really like the church because the priests, just like the priests at St Mary of the Angels and at St. Anthony, give very good homilies. The homilies given are something people can relate to and are not very doctrinal at all. The Jesuits and the Franciscans really know how to give good homilies. Hehe!

The Mass ended a little after 7. I then headed back because I was just dead tired and aching for a hot shower and an early night. Richie invited to go tugs tonight but I'm really beat. Other than that, I have things I plan to do tomorrow. These include writing my museum paper, studying my Japanese lessons and other house chores.

So now, I'll just finish this post and call it a night. Thank you, Lordy, for a nice weekend.

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