Friday, May 22, 2015

Random hello...

A few days ago, I decided to go for Pump at one of the gyms not too far from the office. To get to the gym, I had to take a short train ride.

Once the train doors opened, I went in, walked over to a not so crowded spot and did a quick scan of the people around. I had quick eye-to-eye contact with one guy and nonchalantly looked elsewhere. Then I found myself looking at the guy again and blurting out, "Hello." Lol!

It was the instructor of the Pump class I planned to attend. I've attend a few of his classes. I think he's a good instructor. But as with most of the gym instructors, I would usually just say a quick "Thank you for the class!" after the session and I wouldn't really engage in a real conversation.

This time, I found myself in a conversation because 1.) I already acknowledged his presence and he saw me acknowledging him; 2.) I just found myself saying "Hello!" and; 3.) I thought it would be weird that I ignored him in the train only to see me at the front row of his class later on. Lol!

So yeah, I ended up having a friendly chat with him.

The price I had to pay for this was having my name called out during the class. Lol! The tracks I always find challenging are Biceps and Chest. Throughout those tracks, the instructor called out my name two or three times. It felt awkward because that has never really happened before. Haha!

As expected though, it was a good class. Immediately after, I just said thanks and headed to the lockers to shower and get ready to go home.

Last night, I had a difficult Japanese class and I was feeling frustrated. On the way home, I was just too focused on reading some articles on difficulties encountered by language learners. When the train doors opened, I was on auto-pilot mode so I just stepped in, looked for a not-so-crowded area with my eyes locked on the article I was reading.

I was really disconnected from my surrounding so I was a bit surprised when I saw someone get up from his seat and walk over to where I was. It was the instructor. Lol. I think he mentioned where he stays but it escaped my mind. Hehe!

Anyway, I apologised that I didn't say hello and it was because I really didn't see him. I also used as an excuse that I just came from a challenging class that gave me a headache. Haha! Again, we ended up chatting until the train arrived at the station where he usually alights.

I just thought I'd write about this because I was amused by the whole incident. I'm amused because I usually just keep to myself when I'm in the train. I read a book or the news or I stare out the window and just take in the Singapore view. Hehe. The only incident I would maybe strike a conversation with a random stranger is when I'm on holiday overseas or when I'm really buzzed. Haha! But in this case, because of an unplanned blurting out of "Hello," it seems I made a friend at the gym. Hehe.

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