Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thanks for dinner...

Wednesday night's dinner was a little bit special thanks to two ex-colleagues from Manila.

The food was good but I was craving for a burger after. Hahaha! For a few minutes, I was tempted to get myself a cheeseburger from the MickeyD's near my place. Thankfully, there was a long queue and that was more than enough to make me just head home, prep for bed and zzz. Tbh, it is the long queue every night (even though it's already 11PM or 1130PM) that stops from me getting myself a cheeseburger or chicken nuggets or even just a corn cup. I dunno. When one gets old, one's patience for queuing shortens I suppose.

Anyway, the week has been going so so. Hmm, I guess I should be grateful that it is not a busy period for the journal package of the colleague I'm covering for. The same goes for my own journal package. I have two issues in production but those are very manageable. The next crazy periods will be in July and August.

The other day, I had my bi-weekly meeting my manager. She told me that news regarding the salary increment and the incentive package for last year will most probably be ready by a particular date close to the end of the month. The thing is I will be overseas with Mom and Tey on that particular date. Oh well, I guess I will just have to pray and call on the powers of the temples we'll visit to ensure that the news from the boss will be a good one. Haha!

Tonight, I'm meeting my groupmates/fellow National Gallery trainees. Since some of the girls in the group are new docents, someone suggested we do a mock guiding activity at St. Regis. The hotel's lobby doubles as a museum with all the wonderful art pieces hanging on the walls. The St. Regis is one of my fave hotels because of the art pieces in their collection and because I love that the lobby is not like marketplace unlike ... Hehe!

I didn't prepare anything for tonight but I did read up on one of my fave Singapore artists - the late Cheong Soo Pieng. Let's see how things go and I may volunteer to talk about the artist and how he served as the bridge between Singapore's first generation and second generation artists.

Nice Wednesday evening and looks like I'll have a nice Thursday evening as well.

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