Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday random stuff...

Not much happening these past few days.

Work has been very manageable. Some of the more toxic issues I have to work on are not due for production til next month. Hence, I do have a day or two when I finish work earlier than usual.

The other things that have been keeping me busy are my Japanese classes and my museum docent training.

Japanese lessons are starting to be more difficult, as I have mentioned in a few other posts. The basic forms/rules are easy to remember. What is difficult are the verb conjugations and constructing the sentences. I'm confident with simple sentences beyond こんにちは。 わたし は アンジエロ です。 おげんき です か。(Hello, I am Angelo. How are you?), but I am still struggling with long sentences. Haha! I'm glad I have the once a week italki sessions with Yoshisan. That is a big help and practice. I'm not sure if I'll continue with my school lessons or I should take a break first. I'm paying for the Japanese lessons out of my own pocket and well, I could use the break.

Anyway, we'll see how.

Museum docent training is also equally demanding, if not more demanding. The time to write the tour paper has come. I will be spending several Saturdays (and possibly, Sundays) in the library with books, my notepad and Stefan (my MacBook) to work on the paper. A few more lectures to go and then it's showtime.

To be honest, I'm very excited for the opening of the new museum. I'm sure it'll be fantastic. I'm really excited to see the art pieces, especially the ones by Filipino artists. Hehe!

That's definitely something to look forward to.

Okay, today is a so so day. I'm done with most of the things that I have to do. So I decided I'll go for a run during lunchtime. Initially, I was planning to just go to the nearby park connector for my run. But then, the sun is out and it's going to be very hot. Hehe! I'll just go to the gym then for a quick run and head back.

Tonight, it's Japanese classes... and possibly, a coffee date, if I hear from someone. Lol.

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