Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A recent non-date date...

Rarely do I go out on a date.

The main reason is because I don't see the point in meeting someone when I'm not sure about what I intend to do in the near future. I just didn't see the point in starting something with someone. It sounds stupid, but that's just how I see things.

Once in a while though, I get inspiration from two friends who constantly put themselves out there. Thanks to these two friends, I try to get out of the comfort zone of being single and go meet up with a new person or two.

In the past two or three weeks, I managed to go and meet up with three people.

The most recent one was the best, primarily because it was a non-date date.

He and I met some time in March 2015. It was some time after CNY. Guess the nationality. Malaysian. Haha! It's either I'm always drawn to Malaysians or I tend to attract Malaysians. Haha!

When we first started talking, he was up for fun, I wasn't. I told him I'd like something more than just a fleeting thing. We met up a few days later to just go for dinner and chitchat. It was an enjoyable get-together.

Good sense of humor. Confident. Killer smile and eyes. Someone to introduce to friends and Mom.

Under different circumstances, I would've asked him out.

It would take another year before he and I would meet up again. In between, we constantly kept in touch though.

Every so often, he would say hi or I would say hi. Our thing is that he would share his location once in awhile. Shanghai. Frankfurt. Some other country. It was cute.

To my surprise, he messaged last Sunday if I was free to meet up.

We ended up just going for coffee, cake, chitchat and a little flirting.

That's one of the things I like about this guy. He's bold enough to not care about the people around us. Going down the escalator, he would be standing in front of me and I would put my arm around his neck. No two straight guys would ever do that, lol. Walking around the mall, he would massage the base of my neck.

It was a good date. It was a good non-date date. He had a dinner, I had a dinner. Who knows when he and I will meet each other again?

But at least, for those few hours, I was happy to have been out with him.

Oh, during our convo, he would marry the first one who gives him a ring. Smart guy that I was, I made a ring out of our coffee receipt. He said yes.

Just kidding!

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