Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Packed Sunday, what's new...

Another long day, another day where I packed too many activities. Haha!

Though I slept past midnight, I still forced myself to wake up at a little after 6AM. I wanted to hear Mass before heading to the museum. I was worried that I won't have time for church given my activities for the day.

Thankfully, there was an 815 Mass at St. Ignatius. It's a bit far from the house, but it definitely fit my schedule.

After Mass, I took the bus to the museum. It gave me enough time for breakfast before my duty.

I thought there wouldn't be visitors at 11AM, but I was wrong. Initially, the group started with about 6 people but it grew when we were already inside the galleries. One of the guests was the cutest, youngest visitor I've had ever. He was about 5 or 6 years old maybe. He approached me after the tour and asked what happened David Marshall. So cute.

From the museum, I walked over to City Hall to meet up with Bernard, Miru, Ted, and Jackie. Bernard's birthday is coming up soon and we thought why not have an early celebration. Ted suggested we go to Kaiserhaus at Capitol.

What I thought would be a 2-hour thing turned into a 4-hour get-together. Hehe! Good thing the place was not packed so we managed to stay that long.

My next agenda was at 730PM. With about an hour and a half to kill, Bernard and I went to Plaza Singapura for jalan jalan.

At 730, he said buhbye and I met up with Richie and Mon for Kung Fu Panda 3.

I only realised how long a day it was when I was already in the train otw back. I was really falling asleep. I started re-reading Andrew Tobias' book but I was falling asleep. Hehe!

Good day though. Good day. I just need to remind myself I'm no longer 25.

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