Sunday, July 24, 2016

Looking viewing party preps...

And this is how you do a viewing party.... Lol!

JB was kind enough to host a viewing get-together for HBO's Looking the movie. Erm, I think it was more because we volunteered his temp flat although I'm sure he would have volunteered his place, too. Thanks, JB.

It turned out to be a gathering that needed preparation. JB and Ian got themselves busy with arranging the place and figuring out the technical side of how we can watch the movie from the HBO site. They also thought of the chips and drinks. Mon and Richie, on the other hand, thought about whether extra chairs were needed. And naturally, they also thought of the food to be served for the pre-movie and the actual movie. My contribution was dessert (a few tubs of Ben & Jerry's) and crackers for the cheese and cold cuts.

And with all these preps, we are now ready to watch the movie...

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