Sunday, July 31, 2016

A normal heart...

"Your heart is okay."

That's one of the main things that stuck with me after seeing the doctor yesterday.

In my mind, my thought was, "So, does that mean I can fall in love again?" Haha!

Of course, the doctor was referring to my heart, the organ, and that it was functioning well physiologically.

When I moved to Singapore, one of the things I still try to do on an annual basis is to go for a health screening. I guess it became a habit since it's something that I did annually when I was still working in the Philippines.

The results of my health screening were good. In addition to the normal heart, the fatty liver is now a normal liver. Haha! Singapore was really good for me, I suppose. I became more active and eating healthier is a lot easy here.

Only the uric acid was the concern. This, I attribute to bad genes. It runs in the family and I've been doing what I can to lower my uric acid but alas, it's still high. I have to try harder I suppose.

The doctor told me to give up Coke and Coke Zero. I guess I can do that, except when I'm having whiskey. The doctor told me to lessen red meat intake. I can do that as well. The doctor suggested going on a low purene and low fat diet. Good luck with that.

Google Low Purene Diet and it'll lead you to depressing pages. Lol!

Oh well, I'm just glad the results are good! Yay!