Thursday, July 21, 2016

New words...

Whenever possible, and it always is, I try to learn new words.

True, I have enough vocabulary in my word bank but sometimes, I think it's good to continue expanding the pool of words that we know.

And yes, I have been using the English language even before I started going to school. However, there are still times when I have to stop and look for the meaning of a word.

When I read Donna Tartt's The Goldfinch, I found myself putting down the book every now and then because I had to look up the meaning of a word. I am uncertain if the fact that the book was the winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2014 had anything to do with the use of certain big words. Haha!

This morning, I encountered a number of new words while reading an article from The New Yorker. The publication is a good source of learning new words and reading good writing.

And today, these are some of the words I encountered that I had to look up:

  • putative
  • upend
  • disavowal
  • tetchy
  • lodestar
  • abject
  • obsequious
  • servile
  • mottle

    I have previously encountered some of the words. Since I hardly use it in daily conversation, I have to remind myself of the meaning.

    PG Boy was quite good with these words. He would sometimes use a word or two and I had to double check the meaning. Hehe!

    Oh well, it's always good to learn new words. If only I can find a way to put these words into daily use...
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    1. Hello Angelo, I am not good with big words but I do try to learn some especially when I am doing tutorials. The thing with using them, I tend to forget the meaning when used in another context. But it is good to continue learning. Have a great weekend!