Wednesday, July 20, 2016

On my own... not...

Okay, just a quick post.

I just got back from Esplanade Theatre. I caught Les Miserables together with fellow museum volunteer Gen.

Uhm, I wasn't really that decided to catch the musical. I'm not sure why. If it were The Book of Mormon or maybe Miss Saigon, I would have really been eager to see it.

But then again, I guess this is one of those shows that is sure to be included in any Musicals to Watch Before You Die list. Hehe!

Sooo, I decided to catch it. I didn't really invite anyone because I bought the cheapest ticket. Haha! Like I said, I wasn't too keen to catch the show. I was set to watch the musical ON MY OWN. Haha! But then, my fellow museum volunteer Gen joined me because she wanted to catch the show a second time. That's how much she loved it. I warned her that I was getting the most affordable ticket and she was okay with it.

I must say that it was a good production. Before Singapore, I only watched productions in Manila. I loved, loved, loved the shows in Manila because the cast can really sing. But of course, there's also a part of me that wants to see a grand stage design, elaborate costumes, theatres built for musicals. These things, I got to see in Singapore.

Broadway is still waiting though. I still have 4 more years before my US visa expires. I hope to be able to use that and catch shows in New York!!!!

Anyway, this is it for tonight! I'm sleepy...

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