Thursday, July 21, 2016

Daily Cut for lunch...

After having rice for lunch yesterday, I decided I should eat less carbs for the next few days. LOL!

Tbh, I can actually go for days without rice in my meal.

I'm okay with just having a wrap or a sandwich or boiled chicken breast for lunch, and yogurt plus fruits for dinner.

This is actually budget-friendly since I prep my own food. I would do my grocery on a Monday and the food I buy is enough to last me for four days. The fruits I would get from the wet market near my place. There is also a stall that sells bean curd. I would usually buy from the friendly aunty on days that I would buy my fruits.

Yesterday and today, I spent a lot more for lunch. This was mainly because I worked at the office. I was tempted to go for the salted egg chicken fillet with rice from the usual stall but my spirit triumphed. I decided to go for The Daily Cut. The price for my lunch is three times than what I usually pay for for lunch. However, I just tell myself that I'm eating healthy. Hehe!

Tomorrow is Friday. I'm quite excited because I can and I will be having rice tomorrow. Rice in my meals usually starts on Friday and last until Sunday.

I hope the Filipino food stall at the kopitiam near my place will be serving really delicious Filipino food.

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