Thursday, March 22, 2007

Turn to Page 123...

Got this one from Carlo.

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Turn to page 123.
3. Mark the fifth sentence. Pick up the next three sentences and post. (In other words, post sentence nos. 6-8 on page 123.)
4. Acknowledge the book and the author.
5. Tag 3 people in turn.

Here's what I got:

"Then what is it" she said angrily "What about us? What about all the times we made love?" Her face began to tremble with emotion.

I'm going to break the rules and continue with the next few sentences.

"You never said anything." She threw her books onto the ground. "How dare you tell me you suddenly think you like guys!"

This passage is from one of my favorite books of all time - Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez.

Uhm, I'm tagging Suki, Chari and Rony.


  1. ahh , so you blog here now.

    as for the tag:

    "Men are now cured of their passion for hypotheses and systems in natural philosophy, and will harken to no arguments but those which are derived from observation"

    From the Introduction to The Englightenment , by Llyod Spencer.

  2. hey jason!

    thanks for dropping by.