Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bye bye Moto... Hello Nokia...

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Despite the incident yesterday morning, I knew that I had to get a new phone as soon as possible. (Although I was tempted to delay getting a phone so that I could slight be un-connected to the world. Hehehe!)

Early in the evening, I called very good friend Thea. I was a surprised that she was surprised that she didn't know I lost my phone. That was probably the reason why I didn't hear from her the entire day.

Anyway, true friend that she is, she helped me decide what to do. I've been wanting to get a postpaid subscription for the longest time and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. However, I found out it takes about a week to process the subscription. And since it's a long weekend next week, it may even take longer.

Thea suggested we just go to the mall to get a new phone. And that's what we did.

I just found out that the SM Mall of Asia closes at 10PM, so that gave Thea and me enough time to look for a new phone. We went from store to store to check out the prices and the phones.

I had no idea it was now this difficult to choose a phone model. There are a LOT! I was torn between Sony Ericsson and Nokia. The Sony Ericsson K800i seemed perfect because of the Cybershot camera, but I was worried about the toggle. Meanwhile, I liked a lot of Nokia phones. The E81 was nice because of the QWERTY keypad, but it didn't have a camera. I also liked the newly released N70 Music Edition because the features are great and it's not that pricey.

I was so close to getting it, but I ended up getting another model probably because the trauma was still there.

Don't laugh now, but what I got was a sucky Nokia 1600. Hahaha! It was really cheap, so just in case the incident happens again (I hope that was the last of it though), I'd happily throw the phone hard on the jerk's face.

For now, I'm okay with this phone. Anyway, I don't need the extra features of newer phones yet. I just need something to keep me connected again.

I'm hoping though that I can get a newer phone within the year. But now I can say goodbye to getting a digital camera. Huhuhu!

Anyway, to friends and work friends, please email me with your mobile number in the subject line. Rebuilding my phonebook again.


  1. hey jason! ah, so you're a nokia guy too eh.