Monday, February 13, 2012

Labrador Park Nature Walk...

Some time last week, I got a message from nature hike buddy Melvin reminding me that it was time to do another nature walk. He suggested we checkout the Labrador Nature Reserve, since surprisingly(!!!) he hasn't been there himself.

We had an informal agreement early this year that we would try to go on a monthly nature walk. So far, we've been successful with Jan and Feb. Let's see if we can keep this up til the end of the year. Haha!

Sunday morning, after having breakkie, we headed to our nature walk destination where we met up with Chris, who agreed to join the nature walk.

Labrador Nature Reserve, which is more commonly known as Labrador Park, is found at the southern part of the island. Since 2002, about 10 hectares of the area have been identified as a nature reserve.

In addition to the flora and fauna, what also makes this nature reserve quite interesting is the presence of a number of war relics left behind by the British. Walking around, you'll find a number of signs that tell you of the events that took place in the area during WWII. Remnants of Fort Pasir Panjang, an old British fort situated on a hill overlooking the sea. You'll also find an old Machine Gun Post, a 6 inch Quick Firing Cannon, and the Old Fort Entrance. You would also find some of the bunkers and the entrance to tunnels, which according to Melvin leads to Sentosa.

There's a much more interesting story about this beach which Melvin shared with me and Chris. Ask him what it is.

If you're not much of a history buff and would just like a relaxing day, the park offers a nice view of the sea. Before you reach the sea, you have to walk along the Berlayer Creek mangrove trail, which is home to a variety of plants and animals. Keep your eyes peeled for the Black-naped Oriole or a Blue Kingfisher. You may also spot some monitor lizards, if they're not feeling shy that day. Hehe!

Uhm, personally, I think the Labrador Park serves as a good place to go to for nature walk newbies, or if you just want a quick but still neart to the city getaway.

However, if you've been to the other nature reserves in the island or if you're the adventurous kind who's game for hours of walking and finds a certain "high" from being surrounded by towering trees with no concrete edifice in sight, then the Labrador Park is not for you.

That said, I think I won't be going back to Labrador Park anytime soon. Hehe! Don't get me wrong. It is a nice, relaxing place, but I still prefer the other nature reserves like Bukit Timah or Sungei Buloh where it's green, green, green all around you.

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