Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kermit lunch...

One of the things I always look forward to during nature tripping days is the post-walk lunch.

Melvin would know of these places, that serve quite interesting dishes. On our first nature hike, he brought me and Francis to a restau that serves authentic Peranakan cuisine. On another occasion, we went to a restau known for their chicken rice.

The hike last Sunday was no different. When we were about to finish the walk, I asked where we would have lunch.

He threw back the question to me, and I suggested why not go back to the frog porridge place we went to some time ago with Bryan and his partner. I asked Chris if he's been to the place, and he hasn't.

Perfect. New food place for him to try.

So from Labrador Park, we drove to Cheong Chin Nam Road near Beauty World Center (Yes! That is the name of the place) where G7 Sin Ma Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge is located.

The restaurant serves quite a number of dishes, but of course their specialty is the frog porridge.

From what I know, they only cook the frogs in two ways - with some kind of gravy that is either very spicy or not so spicy. Hehe.

We decided to get 7 frogs (buy 4, get 3 for free). This comes with a free pot of porridge. Four of the frogs were cooked not to spicy, while the other three were cooked spicy. We also ordered stir-fried kang kong so we'd have veggies.

It was one happy lunch.

G7 Sinma Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge is located at No.5 Cheong Chin Nam Road (Opposite Beauty World Centre @ Upper Bukit Timah Road). Phone number is 6467 7317.

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