Thursday, February 2, 2012

Still about the molar...

The problem with the tooth continues.

I'm thankful that there is still no pain with the tooth, so it hasn't been causing me any physical pain.

It has, however, been causing me unnecessary anxiety.

When I asked the dentist how much the root canal might cost, he casually said, "About S1200-1500."

I wanted to faint. Hindi ko naman binibili iyong dental chair. I just wanted a root canal procedure, if that's what is really needed. Hehe!

There was no way I am going to get it done here in SG. While the company insurance will cover a certain amount, it still is just not practical to spend that much for the procedure.

I messaged dentist friends in Manila to ask about the procedure.

I also told Pg Boy about the dilemma. Being the more logical person, he offered me a number of possible solutions.

He told me that he thought of the possibility of getting the procedure done in Bangkok or Malaysia, because it was going to be much cheaper there.

I told him that I also thought of going back to Manila to get it done there.

But after some research, we found out that there's a possibility that the RCT might not just be a one-sitting thing.

I can't really afford to be flying back and forth to Pinas, Thailand or Malaysia for this procedure. Otherwise, I would have just done here in SG. Hehe!

The next best thing, as suggested by Pg Boy, was to have it done at a town in Malaysia nearest to Singapore.

It seems like the best choice I have right now. I can take the bus to and from. The cost is half of what it would cost here in SG. Plus, I have some friends in that town who were able to help me look for a dentist/endodontologist.

Since the plan was beginning to take more shape, I told Pg Boy about it. I told him that I was planning to go to the town by myself the following week. I didn't really want to hassle him with the problem, and I didn't want him to be away from work for this. Yes, may ganong drama. Hehe!

"There is no way I'm letting you go there all by yourself."

O ha! Ang haba lang ng buhok ko, di ba?! I told him I think I should be fine because I come from Manila, anyway. He insisted he didn't want me to go on my own.

However, this dentist I found seems to be very much in demand. The free sched wouldn't allow Pg Boy to go with me. But God is good. I got a message from my friend Alan who's based in the town and he offered to meet me at the mall near Customs/immigration and send me to the dentist. Yey!

If I am really in need of root canal, I would have to go back a couple of times though. I hope the next time I go, Pg Boy would be free to go with me.

Prayers, prayers pwease.

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