Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy, happy, joy, joy to the keows...

Just before I was about to zzz last night, I was doing a last round of checking of my Twitter feed.

That's when I saw the tweet of MkSurf8 to RKGreg.

Turns out it was their 8th anniversary. I'm not so sure though when the exact date is. (Check out the preps done by RKGreg for the event. Nice, huh. *with permission from RKGreg to post pic. hehe*)

I posted a "Congrats and happy for both of you" tweet to both of them, and then headed to lalaland.

It was through Twitter that I met these guys.

I dun remember who tweeted who. I dun remember who followed who. What I do remember is that night I met both of them.

It was on a Saturday night (or a very early Sunday morning!)... in a very packed Bed... amidst a sea of bodies... and really loud music. Haha!

You know how it is. Weekend + becks = clubbing, of course.

I remember MkSurf8 pointing at me while I was making my way to the bar to get a drink and to rest. They intro'd themselves. We didn't get to talk much though. It was just a hi and hello.

That was the start though.

Looking back, I'll always be grateful that MkSurf8 intro'd himself. If he hadn't, I wouldn't have known it was him and that he was with RKGreg since both of them have anonymous profile pics on Twitter.

When I moved here to SG, MkSurf8 was of a really, really huge help with getting adjusted to the new everything. He is one of the most down-to-earth people you will ever meet. Chillax lang and laging maasahan.

Before I moved to SG, I got to hang out a number of times with RKGreg. And even now that I moved here to SG, we still get to keep in touch thanks to Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and most recently, iMessage.

I consider them to be two of my really good friends, and I'm just really lucky to have their friendship.

Congrats again to you guys on your eighth! Wishing you both another eight and more!

Kayo na ang institusyon! Hehe!


  1. alam mo mr. morales pinapangarap ko ding mameet itong dalawang ito. unfortunately, baka hindi sa Bed o OBar since ban ako sa mga lugar na yan. hahaha. yung isang beses na lang eh makakasalubong kila sa Makati o kung san man. hahaha

    Happy 8th kay RKGreg at MKsurf8. sila na ang gawing anito ng mga beki couples LOL. :P

  2. omg parang tribute hahaha! thanks teh! buti na lang kapalmuks ako nagpakilala sa Bed no? lucky to have you as friend. you know lonely in a foreign land ang drama ko =P

    thank you =)

  3. Jepoy: Banned sa Bed at OBar? Baket??? Hehehe! Malay mo, nakasalubong mo na pala sila. Hehe! But seriously, you have to meet these two. Naguumapaw sa GV! ;P

    MkSurf8: Naman, Teh! Bawal ata ang videos kaya mga words na lang. Hehehe! Thanks din, Teh! =)

  4. Thanks Mister! Lovely lovely lovely! I'm happy we have friends like you around brotha! See you soon in SG.. And coincidence birthday ko biz trip dyan... So I'm using one of my 3 bday wishes now.. *sana walang nega sa office na humadlang sa trip... LOL! good morning keowness XD

  5. Jepoy, see you soon! Dito sa MNL si MKsurf8 by March :)

  6. RKGreg: LOL! See you soon, brotha! Birthday celeb na itoooo!!! :D Tuloy na tuloy na ang trip na iyan, for sure! :D

  7. @jepjep ganun may ban??? anuver nasa paligid ligid lang kami. kitakits next time