Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter dinner and hohol...

Still, as part of the somewhat festive mood brought about by Easter, I headed back to the city early evening to meet up with friends for an Easter dinner.

Days before Easter, Coly, the only real rose among the roses (hehe!), sent out an invite to the usual suspects for an Easter dinner.

We all met up at Medz, which is at Basement 2 of Orchard Central. This was one mall I dun really get to visit. Whenever I go to Orchard, my universe is between 313@Somerset and Shaw/Wheelock. Hehe! There are quite a number of good dining places at the OC.

Since some of the people were out of town, others busy, I already had an idea who the evening's cast would be - me, Coly, Richie and Mon. Tipz, still fresh from Bangkok... LOL! and our newest friend, also showed up. Wheee!

The last time I saw these guys were during RKGreg's birthday celeb weekend.

I wish I could see 'em more, but conflicting schedules and geography more often than not make it challenging to meet up.

We stayed for a good couple of hours at Medz just eating, talking about stuff, eating, talking about stuff, eating. Hehehe!

Food at Medz was okay. I got the Chicken Doner Kebab but it was somewhat disappointing. Not to mention the lady manning the food booth who could use a bit of cheerfulness. (Sheesh! Fellow Filipino pa naman!)

Past 10, we left Medz and were all set to go home... until someone brought up having a one round of drinks at 5 Emerald Hill. Usually, I would've said no as I would want to rush back home.

But I've never been to 5 Emerald Hill and a recent resolution that my new bedtime would be 12 midnight found me agreeing to the plan. We all agreed though that we would leave at 11.

The bar we went to was nice. It definitely had character. The interior was nice, but there was something that night which made us decide to stay outside. Hehe!

A glass of martini. More talk time. We barely realized that it was already 10 minutes past 11. It was definitely time to go or else, we risk missing the last train. Eeep!

I thanked Coly for bringing up the idea of an Easter dindin, and then headed to Somerset for the long journey home.

Twas definitely a happy Sunday!

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