Saturday, April 7, 2012

Solo morning hike...

Though Saturday was day 2 of a long holiday and even if I could have stayed in bed for an hour or two more of zzz time, I got out of bed at 630AM and prepped to go on a hike.

Earlier during the week, I already decided I'm going to visit the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve again come the weekend with or without company.

Pg Boy's sibs were in town, and I had to play invisible man. LOL! My usual hiking buddy Melvin, on the other hand, had made plans as well. Hence, I was left on my own to keep myself busy.

Anyway, I was out of the house by 7AM. I wanted to get to the reserve quite early so that it won't be too hot. One train ride and a somewhat lengthy bus ride later, I reached my destination.

When I reached the familiar starting point of the nature reserve, I really thought it was a beautiful morning for a hike. The sun was shining, but it wasn't that hot. You could feel a cool breeze every so often. There were several other people who chose to wake up as well on a beautiful Saturday to go hiking.

After a little warmup, I started with the "climb." Once I began the climb, I quickly remembered how steep the first part of the hill was. It could be quite a challenge for some. I, myself, found myself taking deep breaths as I made my way up. Haha!

It gets better afterwards. Once I surpassed the steepest part, what follows is a somewhat easier climb to reach the highest natural point of Singapore.

At the summit, there's a hut where one could rest, drink a lot of water, or maybe even have a snack, before the descent.

On my first visit to the nature reserve with Melvin and Francis, we went to one of the quarries. Unfortuantely, this time, I couldn't find my way to the quarry. Kinda sucks because I was really looking forward to seeing it again. Oh well, next time.

I finished my hike around nine plus.

It was a short hike, but it was certainly an enjoyable one. I'm planning to go back again one of these days to try out the other paths.


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