Sunday, April 1, 2012

Next hohol place...

Just before Pg Boy and I headed back home the other night, we passed by Fullerton Bay Hotel.

During our i Light Marina Bay walk, I asked him what was at the roofdeck of the said hotel. And he said, "That's Lantern."

Richie has previously invited me to go there. I didn't get to go though because it would be usually a work night and I live in faraway land. Hehe.

Now, I'm sorta wishing that I did go with them before.

Pg Boy and I went in the hotel, and we made our way to the lift that would bring us to Lantern.

As soon as the lift doors open, you already get a "Whoa, nice!" moment. What welcomes your eyes is a view of the pool and the bar. The lighting does a lot in making the venue an awesome one. Add to that nice, chill music being played by the DJ.

Chris, Ian and MkSurf8, next HOHOL time should be here. Haha! :)

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