Friday, June 8, 2012

8th on 8th...

8 months, officially. 10 months, unofficially.

Time does fly fast, eh?!

To some, 8 months seems like a short time. Others find it quite long already.

To me, it's just right.

When I came to Singapore over a year ago, the last thing on my mind was to get into a relationship.

I came here to work so that I can really start saving for old age, so that I can (hopefully) help a little bit more with my family.

While I was determined to meet people and expand the circle of friends while I'm here, the thought of having a partner was something that I never thought of seriously.

Back then, I thought that it would be nice, yeah. It would be great to have that someone again. But that was it, I never really thought more about it. I was too busy dancing to the music at that favorite haunt of mine, as well as MkSurf8's and Chris'. Haha!

Who knew that the weekly activity I used to do (and intend to do again) would pave the way for meeting Pg Boy.

And now, here we are. Eight months later official, ten months unofficial.

There have been a few minor bumps, which have led me to take a second look at my own views and beliefs about certain things.

But so far, I must say that it's been generally a smooth sailing journey.

Happy 8th!


  1. naks. so happy for your friend! at si melanya pa nagkwento sakin nito...hindi man lang ikaw. hmp!

  2. Friend, ano ka ba?! I'm quite sure I mentioned this to you. Haha! :D I remember you asking pa nga over Twitter if kami pa din. ;)

  3. nah. wala ka nabanggit. sa voxer lang kita tinanong kasi nalaman ko from mel. ung nagtanong ako sa twitter, alam ko na nun :p after na un ng voxer natin :)

    friend, am thinking of going to SG in august. birthday trip. alone. hehe thinking pa lang... pero gusto ko! :)

  4. Serious, friend? Sorry naman. :-)

    Hmm, how many days mo balak, friend? Pwede ka din actually magsingit ng trip to Malaysia, if you want. ;P I think keri naman to come here alone because it's safe and easy naman to get around. :-)