Monday, January 19, 2015

Sunday with MonRich...

Saturday night was spent with Richie and Mon. Sunday night was also spent with Richie and Mon. Haha!

So last night, we did go for the screening of Dior and I at Shaw Lido. I'm glad we were able to catch the docu film because it gave a glimpse of how things are at the house of Dior under Raf Simons' direction. I also like watching such documentaries because it allows me to experience a world that I may never be able to experience. Hehe.

To a point, I can say that Mon (and maybe, Richie) share the same sentiment because we were gushing about how awesome the documentary was. It was great seeing the amount of creativity, effort, talent, stress it takes to come up with an awesome collection. I have such high respect for the team. Just thinking about the skill required to create all the masterpieces makes my jaw drop. Haha!

Tonight, I met up again with them because I was in the city. Originally, the plan was to watch Into the Woods with Jon and Lara. However, the available seats were sucky so I decided to just let Jon and Lara watch the film since there were good seats available for two people, sucky seats if it's for three.

Since I was already in the city, I told Mon and Richie I would join them for dinner. Dinner extended to coffee and dessert. In fact, I just got home thirty minutes ago. Haha!

We went to a simple Thai place across Richie's office for Sunday. It's a modest food place but the food they serve is really good and I guess, authentic. It doesn't have the commercial feel one gets from the Thai restaurants in malls. After a happy dinner, I suggested we have dessert. We ended up going to next door where there was a P.S. Cafe. Richie was craving for the chocolate cake with ice cream that we had at P.S. Cafe Ann Siang Hill when I-van was in town.

Since it was a Sunday night, the place was not packed. We were able to get a nice area in the restau and just spent an hour or two talking about the usual things we talk about. Haha!

It's a good weekend. There is really nothing I can seriously complain about. There are a lot of things I am really grateful for.

Ready for the start of a brand new work week...

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