Monday, January 26, 2015

About Sunday...

It turned out that it was really a good idea that I went for the anticipated Mass last Saturday. Otherwise, I would have missed Sunday Mass.

Prior to heading to the museum for my back-to-back guiding duties, I dropped by the city to get some info on a new project. I was quite early. That gave me some time to have my kopi si at Lau Pa Sat. There is such a stark contrast between LPS in the morning and LPS in the evening. Haha! Hmm, I kind of liked the peaceful, quiet LPS on a beautiful morning. Anyway, I finished my kopi si and headed to my first destination. It took me about 15 minutes to take care of things.

I then took a bus to get to the museum. I can't believe the museum was just four stops away. Haha! It did pass by Fullerton Hotel and Padang, which gave a glimpse of Marina Bay, the Victoria Memorial Hall and Theatre, and the soon-to-open National Gallery. During that short bus ride, I couldn't help but exclaim in my head, "Singapore is such a (generally) clean country!" Haha!

The short bus ride gave me enough time to do another walkthrough of the exhibit before the "show" started. Come 1130, it was showtime. The tour lasted just a little over an hour. I had some time to go back to the volunteers room, sit for a while, have a glass of warm water, before my next "performance," which was 1PM.

Both groups were good museums guests/audiences, but I liked the 1PM group very much. Maybe because there were about 15-20 people in the group. Maybe because they were participative. I liked them so much that I gave small tokens to those who could answer my pop quiz. Haha!

The museum visitors were from Australia, Spain, UK, China, Hong Kong, Sweden, Korea, and of course, Singapore. The mix was very interesting and very diverse! As we moved in the galleries, some people joined our group. Thankfully, I've been blessed with a loud voice (if I wanted to speak loud). At the end of the tours, the groups applauded. Few people came up to me to shake my hand and say that I did a good job. Moments like those remind me why I love museums, why I love guiding, why I love volunteering, why I should keep on improving myself as a museum guide.

The second tour lasted for almost 90 minutes (the first one was 70 minutes). That's how engrossed I was in the tour. Hehe! Usually, for this exhibit, I am done within 40 minutes.

My first stop after leaving the museum was a food place. It was almost 3PM and I was very hungry. Haha!

It gave me enough time to relax again and wait for 4PM. Kok Kuan, Des, Justin and I met up at Plaza Singapura to catch the 410 screening of The Imitation Game. The movie was good! I'm glad I was able to watch it. I'm also glad Des and Justin were free to join us for the movie. After the movie, we just went to the food court and had a simple dinner. We walked around a bit before parting ways.

Tiring day it was, haha! But it was also a very good one! Thank you, Lordy!

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