Saturday, January 10, 2015

Going around the island to see friends...

Just a quick post...

It's been a long but fun day. A lot of things are happening over this weekend. First, Manila now KL-based friend I-van is in town for a business trip. Early last week, blog friend Jason from KL but now based in Germany messaged that he was going to be in town for a holiday trip. Also, during the week, former colleague/friend JoAnn messaged that today is a birthday gathering for his husband, Kym.

Busy, eh?

So, today started at 7AM. As usual, I woke up before my alarm. Haha! First order of the day was breakfast with I-van. From my place in the northwest, I took the train to the city. I reached I-van's hotel at 930AM. By 10, we headed out for breakkie. Initially, I thought of bringing him to Kith's Cafe. When we passed by Tim Ho Wan, we decided to just go for the dim sum place since I-van has yet to try the food at the place. Luckily, there was no queue yet. Woohoo!

From Plaza Sing, we took the train to Orchard for some shopping. My next appointment was at 1PM. That gave me and I-van about 2 hours of going around Orchard to check out his favourite stores. By the time I had to go, I-van was at Tang Plaza checking out the menswear section.

Jason and I agreed to meet up for lunch. Initially, I wanted to bring him to Wild Honey at Scotts Square. Since he was going to P.S. Cafe Dempsey for breakkie, I thought I'd bring him to Wild Honey so he can try another cafe and today will be some sort of cafe hopping day for him. As expected, there was a loooong waiting queue at Wild Honey.

Since he has another appointment at 230, we ditched the Wild Honey plan and went instead to LP for lunch at the ayam penyet place at the basement. Jason said he hasn't tried ayam penyet, which was good because I wanted to bring him to a place he hasn't tried out yet. It's just amusing that a Filipino guy brings his Malaysian friend to an Indonesian place. But okie lah, same same. We're both ASEAN guys! Haha!

Though it was a short get-together, I really had a great time chatting with the guy. Can't believe after 7 years(!!!), we finally met up. Yeah, that was how long since we first stumbled upon each other's blog. Over lunch, we talked about working overseas, travel, KL, Singapore. He talked about dating girls. I talked about PG Boy and dating guys. Hehe! It's not everyday one meets a straight guy as open-minded as him! Hope to catch up with him again whenever, wherever!

From Orchard, I went over to Dover to fetch Jon and Miguel at their place. We agreed that the three of us would go together to Mr. and Mrs. B's place for Mr. B's birthday. Since I was early, I had some time to take a nap. Yay!

We reached Mr. and Mrs. B's place at 5PM. It was good seeing both of them, especially the little guy Lucas. He's growing up so fast. I only stayed at their place til 730. I promised Richie and I-van I'll meet up with them again so I had to leave the party early.

Right now, I'm back here at the hotel. I-van is on the bed messaging. Richie is on the other bed also messaging. Both are too tired to go out. I, on the other hand, have some energy from somewhere and I do want to go out. Lol!

I might end up just going to sleep as well since I have an early day tomorrow. Haha! Busy, busy weekend!

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