Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015: Day 1...

2015 received a very awesome welcome last night!

This year, I celebrated the arrival of a new year by going clubbing with few close friends who are in town instead of watching the fireworks from the area near The Sail.

First off, I flew back to Singapore at 10AM. Some people were asking why I decided to spend NY in Singapore. A few reasons: 1.) I have work tomorrow, 2 Jan.; 2.) I wanted to avoid any hassles at the airport. For sure, the airport will be packed this weekend; 3.) It has always been a tradition in my family to welcome NY at home. Since I consider SG to be my adopted home, I decided I'd welcome it here.

I reached my home in the West side of the island a little past three. That gave me time to take a nap before heading out for the evening's celebration.

There were two parties last night and early this morning, a farewell 2014 and a welcome 2015. Haha! The farewell 2014 and a bit of welcome 2015 were done at Equinox at Swissotel. Richie's friend Mai Mai got us on the guest list to Equinox's NY party. I thought the place would be awesome for watching the fireworks. Haha! We didn't get to see the fireworks at Marina Bay because of the crowd that stood by the window. However, Richie, Jon, Ian, Mai Mai and I had an awesome time at Equinox! For once, it was nice to be in an environment outside of Neil Road. Haha!

But wait... As soon as the clock struck 12 and we had a toast to the new year, our bunch left Equinox and headed to the "real" party for the night at our usual haunt at Neil Road.

It was a smart idea to have taken a three hour nap earlier as the evening turned out to be one very long night. I got home at 6 in the morning today! Haha!

Our group danced and drank the night away. Well, they did. I had drinks but I monitored my intake. The last thing I wanted was to wake up this morning with a severe pain on my ankle. Haha! God is good and I was spared. Hehe!

Today, I made the mistake of double booking for lunch. Australia-based friend Julie and another friend, Tokyo-based Dean are both in town. Forgetful me forgot they both invited me for lunch today and I said yes to both. In the end, I told Julie that I'll just meet her on Sunday (when she meets up with Jean). Dean is flying back to Tokyo tomorrow and we only have time to catchup today.

Today was one of those days I am grateful for for my insane body clock. Though I went to bed at 630AM, I managed to wake up around 9AM and be at Marina Bay by 1130 to meet Dean for lunch. Ian, who also got home very late, also managed to join us. Yay!

We brought Dean to Din Tai Fung. It wasn't his first time to eat at the restau, but it was his first time to try the fried rice with pork chop and the dou miao. He loved both dishes. We then moved to CBTL for more chitchat. By 3, we parted ways as he had to meet his sister and his sister's family. It was a short but very good get-together. It's always a joy to see Dean as he is one very kind guy. I swear I don't think he has a mean bone in his body. Haha! I should visit him in Tokyo soon.

From MBS, I took the train back. It gave me enough time to clean my room, do my laundry, bring some stuff to the dry cleaners, and most importantly, do some prep for tomorrow's work. I can't believe it's already 2015! I'm excited though!

1 January turned out to be a very good and productive day. I am hoping that sets the tone for the rest of the year. Haha!

Happy New Year again!

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