Saturday, July 11, 2015

Tired and sleepy at 9PM...

It's been a long day and I am thankful that I am finally back home. Haha!

There is no doubt that I will be sleeping by 10PM or even earlier tonight. The reason for this, aside from having a long day today, is not enough sleep from last night.

After I was done with work yesterday, I headed to Orchard for dinner with Mon and Richie. CD Guy and I made plans to watch a movie at 930PM. Since he had dinner plans with his cousins, I made plans with Mon and Richie as well. However, Richie was only getting out of work at 8PM.

With time to kill, Mon and I checked out the sale at Zara before heading over to Richie's workplace to wait for him. We still had 40 minutes to spare so we ended up going for drinks at CPK.

When we reached the Thai place, it was packed but we quickly got a table. The only problem was the food took a long time to arrive. One of the wait staff told us that our food was still third in queue. It was already 9PM so I apologised to Mon and Richie that I had to go. Hehe!

On the way to Cineleisure, CD Guy thankfully asked if I wanted to snacks. I replied that I wanted a hotdog sandwich, or maybe chicken nuggets and drinks. I was starving!

I saw him waiting for me with a lot of food, LOL, and looking very cool at the spot where he chose to wait. The good thing about movie screenings in Singapore is that it really doesn't start on time. The tickets we got was for 9:30. I knew it would only start around 9:45. That gave me enough time to wolf down the food that CD Guy bought.

We watched Far from the Madding Crowd. There are no other movies to watch. It was a good choice though as I enjoyed the film. CD Guy said he also enjoyed it. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to talk about the film afterwards.

It was already 1140 when we got out of the cinema and I had to rush to catch the last train to JE. I only had less than 15 minutes to reach the station. CD Guy, sweet boy that he is, even walked me to the station. It's nice to be the one who's looked after for a change. Haha!

I reached home around 1AM. When I got home, my new flatmate and his partner were still up. I know it because the light in their room was still on. My flatmate also came out of his room and was about to shower. He asked me if I wanted to shower first. I said I want to rest first and he can go ahead. Lol! It took him a loooong time to finish! The good thing was he knocked on my room after 48 years to say that he was done. I thought that was really nice and considerate of him.

It was 130 when I finally fell asleep.

Because of a training today, I had to wake up at 7, and be out of the house by 8. Training was from 930-12. I had a leisurely lunch at Plaza Singapura afterwards and debated whether I should head home to take a nap or go to the library as I had originally planned.

The spirit triumphed. Yay! I went to the library and spent a good few hours to work on my museum paper. By 5, I made my way to church for the anticipated Mass.

Then, it was time to head back for dinner and now, I'm just going to finish this and I'm going to get ready for zzz...

Tomorrow, it will be a somewhat busy day. I want to go to the gym at 10AM for Pump before heading to the museum for my guiding duty. I only have one schedule for tomorrow but a fellow docent needed help. I was free so I agreed to do an extra shift. Good luck with that! Haha!

Okay, that's it.

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