Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Last week with I-van, Edsel and Moi...

What a great week the past week was!

Wednesday. Dinner at Lau Pa Sat. Dessert at The Landing Point One Fullerton.

Thursday. Dinner at Pappa Rich. Drinks at Out and May Wong. Supper at Maxwell.

Friday. Lunch at Toss & Turn. Shopping. Window shopping. Dinner at Korat Thai. Dessert at PS Cafe Palais Renaissance.

Saturday. Shopping. Window shopping. Dinner at Long Beach Dempsey. Dessert at PS Cafe Dempsey.

Sunday. Breakfast at CBTL Paya Lebar. Dinner at Toss & Turn.

Monday. Dinner at Soup Spoon. Dessert at TWG MBS. Shopping. Window shopping.

Earlier, Edsel already flew back to Manila. Moi, on the other hand, flew back last Sunday. I-van will be flying back to KL tomorrow night.

It's back to regular programming for me, Richie and Mon. Richie and I were talking about how tired we were from last week (I have been sleeping at 130AM every night and waking up at 7AM... LOL!) but it was definitely super fun having the vharkadings around.

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