Thursday, July 23, 2015

Our Lady's boy...

Perhaps it was because I went to a Catholic dedicated to Our Lady. That's the main reason I can think of why I have always been a devote of Our Lady.

When I was still in grade school, my younger brother and I would always pass by the church right next to our school to say a little prayer at the grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes.

It was quite common for almost all the students at our school, since our school is named after the holy place where Our Lady appeared to the young Bernadette Soubirous.

At the altar of Our Lady of Lourdes, there is a pile of stones encased in a glass box. It is believed that Our Lady actually stepped on those stones. Every day, we would pass by the altar and kiss that glass case. (Thinking about it now, the germophobe in me is a bit grossed. Hehe! Just thinking of all the others who have kissed that glass case... shivers... hehe!)

Also, my own Mom taught me how to pray the rosary. I did not have the best respiratory system growing up. I made a lot of trips to the Emergency Room because I needed my nebulizer. Probably because of that, my Mom always prayed to Our Lady. When I was old enough, she taught me how to pray the rosary. That was a habit I brought with me up until today.

This devotion to Our Lady got me started in somewhat collecting unique kinds of images of Our Lady. Last year, I naturally bought a Pieta piece when I visited Vatican.

When PG Boy and I went back to Amsterdam, a thought came to me. Since The Netherlands is known for Delftware, maybe there is one of Our Lady. While we were walking along the canals one afternoon, we passed by a store specializing in Delftware. True enough, I found a beautiful, beautiful piece of Our Lady. It was quite expensive but it was the best souvenir I got from the trip.

During Tipz's trip to Spain and to Belgium, I asked him to find and bring back a Black Madonna and the Bruges Madonna for me. True friend that he is, Tipz got me the two pieces.

Most recently, I found another beautiful and unique Our Lady image in... drumroll please... Siem Reap. Thankfully, we managed to find the only (?) Catholic church in Siem Reap and we were able to attend the sunset Mass. While checking the shop, on display was a beautiful Cambodian Madonna.

Just like the Delftware piece, this one was also quite expensive. Maybe because it was carved out of a single piece of wood. Maybe because the details are very intricate. It is beautiful.

Hmm, I found another unique piece from a friend. It is Our Lady in a kebaya! A Peranakan Madonna, how unique is that?! However, I haven't gotten it yet because it is quite tall (about 9"). I want to stick to the current sizes that I have. Maybe I will find one soon.

I am also quite excited for my trip to Japan. I'm hoping to find a Japanese Madonna and child piece. I know that there's a possibility because I have previously seen a Chinese Madonna and child... at the Asian Civilisation Museum. Hehe!

Still, there might be a chance...

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