Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Eventful Tuesday night...

Tuesday night was quite eventful.

For most of the people around the island, I'm guessing the breakdown of the Red and Green lines during peak hours was what made the night memorable (if you can call it that). For me, it was the hangout with CD Guy.

Hmm, it's already a month since I met CD Guy officially. I say officially because we were in the same party earlier than 5 June, but it was only on 5 June when we started talking to each other. Hehe!

Last night, I was telling him how amusing the turn of events were. I went to the house party at Sarge's that night just for a night of good convos and great drinks. Who knew that a month later CD Guy and I would be sitting right across each other having dessert and talking about things? Haha!

Started the night with dinner at Lau Pa Sat. We thought of going to Orchard for coffee. However, we decided to change plans when we saw the crowd at the bus stop. Instead, we just walked to Ann Siang Hill. It was a nice walk along Telok Ayer St all the way to Ann Siang. PS Cafe was not crowded at all and we were able to get a good seat.

A very nice wait staff reco'd the dessert pictured above. Ginger pudding. It was really good. I love how it's not extremely sweet and that it doesn't have whipped cream and nuts. Haha!

Over coffee and the delicious ginger pudding, CD Guy just talked about things. We agreed on a few things.

Around 11, it was time to head back. I was dreading the long bus ride going home. Thankfully, I got notifications that the lines already resumed operation. Although the train was running at a much slower speed, I was grateful that I didn't have to sit in a bus for hours or so. Haha!

Good Tuesday night... for me and CD Guy, at least.

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