Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A lot to be grateful for today and these past few days...

True, true.

Especially these past few days, there is so much I am to be thankful for.

Let's start with the recent trip to Siem Reap with Mom and my best friend Tey. The trip went very well. Days before the trip, I kept checking the weather forecast in Siem Reap. The few websites I went to all showed the cloud with rain icon. I prayed for good weather and I just said, "Lord, it's all up to you." The few days we were in Siem Reap, it was scorching hot. It was only on the night before the day we left when it rained. How can I not be thankful?!

I prayed that there will be no problems with our flights. Mom was flying in from Manila. I was flying in from Singapore. Thankfully, I found a SG-KL flight that had an arrival time just a few minutes away from my Mom's arrival time in KL. When I was walking towards immigration, I saw the Cebu Pacific plane land. So, I just decided to stick around the Transit counter area and waited for Mom to arrive. I was grateful that neither of our flights were delayed and that she did not have any problems with immigration in Manila.

I was thankful that my best friend Tey was able to join us. We do talk to each other regularly, but it is still different to have the person around you. I swear I am not wired for a long-distance relationship. Haha! I'm just too clingy. Anyway, I'm super glad that Tey managed to find a way to join us in the trip. It was a very memorable trip indeed since it was spent with the two most important women in my life.

What else?! Haha! After I took my luggage from the carousel and made my way to the Arrival area, I saw a very familiar face waiting just outside the Arrival area - CD Guy. Before I flew to KL, CD Guy met up with me for lunch. When I was in Siem Reap, we communicated every day via Whatsapp. We agreed to meet up on the night of my arrival but we didn't firm up any plans.

When I landed in Singapore last night and as I made my way to immigration and baggage claim, I messaged CD Guy to ask what our plan was.

His reply, which I only got to read when I already saw him was, "The plan is..." "You come out [of the Arrival area] and you will know it."

I was really happy to see him at the Arrival area. I didn't care about the people around us, I dropped my bags and gave him a very tight hug, which he very much deserved. Haha! From T2, we went to T3 where we had a nice dinner at Dian Xiao Er followed by coffee at Toastbox (since I missed Kopi Si big time! Haha!)

We spent the next few hours just chatting and catching up before taking the train to head back to our own homes. It was really nice to see CD Guy, and it was even nicer that he made an effort to go to the airport to fetch me. We made plans to hang out again this weekend and have a proper date.

Today, there are two good news at the office. I had a meeting with my manager and then she told me that the bosses agreed to give me what I asked for several months ago. So effective tomorrow, 1 July, that's Senior Production Editor to you. Hehe!

So yeah, so many things to be grateful for! I should offer a Thanksgiving Mass this weekend.

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