Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Busy busy Tuesday...

Tuesday was a lot busier.

The day started really early. There were several things on my list that needed to be done today. I managed to finish everything but one.

My day started by going to the Katsushika Ward office. I needed to register my Japan address, register for a social security number and the health insurance. As expected, it was quite fast and efficient.

Afterwards, I needed to get a Japanese number and open a bank account.

I was only able to do the former. For the latter, I was told that I might need a hanko. It's a seal used for official business documents. So, from the ward office, I headed to the hanko shop I researched about. However, it was closed. For what reason? I couldn't tell because I couldn't read the characters. Hehe!

Good thing I had a backup and I went to the other one. The man at the shop didn't speak English. Thankfully, there was a lady who helped translate for me! She is indeed an angel. May she be blessed. I didn't expect the hanko to be really expensive but sigh, what to do? I needed it.

By the time the hanko was done, I went to a mobile phone shop. I researched about a shop in Ikebukuro where there was an English service. The guy was able to explain things to me quite clear and I was able to get my sim fast.

I did not have enough time for the bank account as it was almost 4PM when I finished at the mobile phone shop.

The last agenda for the day was dinner with my friend Makoto and his two kids. I went over to his neighbourhood and we had dinner at one of the izakayas in the area.

Tomorrow morning, that's the first thing on my list. After that, I'm free for the rest of the day. I'm also free on the day after... That means two days of being a tourist.

Not really, because I've been attending to all these errands/documents, I haven't had time to fix the room I'm renting. I need to buy some stuff for the room as they're not provided. I kinda miss my old landlord. Haha!

Oh well, that's Tuesday.

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