Saturday, August 20, 2016

Dinner at Desmond's Creation...

It's been a crazy week at work and I'm just glad it's already the weekend.

This week is possibly one of the most memorable weeks in my life here in Singapore since I moved in 2011.

To celebrate the end of the toxic work week and the arrival of a weekend, I had dinner with PG Boy, Mon, and Richie.

Err, wasn't sure whether MonRich would be able to join PG Boy and me, but I'm glad that they managed to move some appointments tonight to accommodate us.

Or maybe PG Boy and I just didn't want to decide where to eat... or maybe I was just being too clingy.

We decided to eat Desmond's Creation. It turned out to be a good decision as I was craving for the superb food at the simple place.

After about two hours of dinner and chitchat, we decided to call it a night. MonRich had to meet with their real estate agent as they were moving houses. PG Boy headed back, I also headed back because I need to do my laundry. The weekend is going to be packed because Mom is arriving on Sunday.

Relaxing Friday night!


  1. Moms are always like our most understanding friends to share our joy, happiness, sadness and everything. I am sure she will keep you happy! Happy weekend and say Hello to your mommy.

  2. Tusyal! When I get hangry there's just this barbeque stand with a nearby sari-sari store. Crew or no crew, I hand over the Php100 bill and see where that takes me. There. A meal. Hahahaha.

    But seriously, though, so happy that Mom will be by.

    Re crazy toxic weeks. Mine will be next week, I reckon. Glad yours is over. You did right by celebrating.

    Those shrimps look amazing. =D