Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Weekend with friends...

It was quite a packed Saturday.

In the morning, it was over at Boon Keng for a BBQ gathering with Jon and my ex-colleagues Arlyn, Joann.

In the afternoon, I was in Mountbatten for a gathering with fellow museum volunteers. One of our friends recently gave birth so we dropped by to say hello to the new parents and their wonderful baby.

Sunday was just as busy. Hehe.

Jon had free tickets to the SG Garden Fest. Together with our other friends, we tropped to the Gardens by the Bay where the event was held.

Since it was the last day of the event, it was packed.

The tix also included a free entrance to the Flower Dome, where the current theme is orchids. The place was also crowded. Hehe! It was a bit of a challenge to appreciate all the beautiful flowers.

Tiring weekend but good one.


  1. I haven't been to gardens by the bay yet! Wanted to go last year when they had the christmas theme but I can't even remember why I wasn't able to go. Hopefully this year! Haha

    1. Really?! I've only been to the Gardens because of visiting friends/family. Haha! I like the Cloud Forest dome more. It has a very Avatar feel!

  2. The Garden is beautiful!!! Gonna pay it a visit again next time I'm there :D