Sunday, August 21, 2016

Waiting for 5JXXX to arrive...

I'm at Changi Airport now.

Mom's flight was scheduled to arrive at 510PM. I just checked the flight info board now and it says the flight will arrive at 6PM. Ugh, it's an hour late.

Hmm, I suspect they boarded in Manila on time but it took forever before the plane managed to take off.

Sigh, it's a good thing I saw Ian and JB. They were in the airport to send off JB's friends who flew in for the weekend to surprise him for his birthday.

I tagged along with them and I managed to kill about an hour and a half with them. Now, I just have to kill another 90 minutes. It shouldn't be too difficult as I did bring things to being while waiting for Mom.

Before coming to the airport, I met up with David and Kok Kuan for lunch. They bought me lunch at a Peranakan place in Joo Chiat. I told Kok Kuan that I want Nonya cuisine and he was kind enough to give in. Hehe!

Our lunch finished early and that's why I'm early at the airport.

Okay, time to get some work done. :)


  1. My wife used to fly to Manila for work and her return flights often delayed too. I wonder why? I love Makati a lot.

  2. Glad to hear you like Makati. I like it, too. Flights are delayed because the airport can't handle the volume of flights arriving/departing. :(

    1. While my wife was conducting training in Makati, I shared her hotel room for free with the Greenbelt at the door step. I walked every corner of Makati for one whole week. In my earlier blog posts shared how I even ventured inside the Chinese Cemetery and Smokey Mountains! How daring! LOLOL

    2. You made me pause and think a bit about airport delays with your logic answer that they could not handle the volume of flights. It made me think of LA, Hong Kong and Tokyo airports too, on their efficiency because they have just enough staff and manpower. So you are correct man.

    3. Yeah, I love Greenbelt! :D And I'm SO impressed you even ventured to the Chinese Cemetery and Smokey Mountain! Yes, you ARE daring indeed! :D