Thursday, August 4, 2016

Snail mail!!!

I think I'm one of the last few people who still send postcards (haha!) and I'm glad that I'm getting some friends to do the same. Yay!

These are the most recent postcards I received from friends.

Ann Marie was in the UK for a few weeks. She was thoughtful enough to ask my snail mail address.

By the time she returned to Singapore, her postcard also arrived. It's a lovely postcard.

Having binged on Game of Thrones during the time it arrived, the first thought that came to mind when I saw the postcard was, "Wow, this is so Game of Thrones. Wonder if I can find Winterfell here." Hehe!

Meanwhile, the other postcard is from Tipz.

I have a Facebook album for postcards I receive from friends. When I saw Tipz's postcard, I had to pause for a minute to think if I should cover up a portion of the lower right quadrant or if I should leave it as it is.

A few months ago, Tipz sent another postcard, which I'm surprised didn't get confiscated by Singpost. Hehe! That one was rather controversial. Haha! I chose to post it without any blurs because I wanted to respect the artist behind the image on the postcard - Ai Wei Wei.

For the Byron Bay postcard, hmm I felt it would be a bit more hard to justify the image to my friends who are parents/conservative/prude. LOL!

I ended up putting a Pokemon Go ball on it. Hehe! Here on my blog though, I'll post it as it is.

Thank you, Ann Marie and Tipz, for the postcards! I'm excited to send new postcards soon!

Keep snail mail aliveeeee!


  1. LOL Like Tiger Que commenting on the anti christ image of a toilet confession box. haha

    1. I didn't react na nga. There was nothing offensive about it. :P

  2. I love snail mail too! But the only things I get in the mail is bills hahah. I've never sent postcards although I've bought a few after I came here. I should go to the post office tomorrow and send a few!

    1. Haha, I also used to just receive bills. But even that has already stopped since I switched to online bills. It's so nice to receive postcards! There's a certain joy that comes with sending and receiving one... or two... or three! :D