Friday, September 9, 2016

Crazy past few days...

Yes, the absence of posts is due to the crazy schedule these past few days.

On Tuesday, I went to my Learning Studio. Originally, the plan was for me to meet some of the staff and some of the other instructors. I ended up having my first three lessons that day... so yay!

For the two days that followed, this has been my schedule - first morning lesson at 7AM, ends at 915AM; afternoon lessons are between 5 and 10PM. So my day usually starts at 525AM and I hit the sack at 1130PM (the latest).

Yesterday, I panicked because I got this notification from the post office. Of course, it was all written in Japanese so I don't know what it meant.

I had to ask for the help of a few friends. It turns out the notice has something to do with the boxes I shipped from Singapore.

Sigh, I didn't expect to have this much hassle with receiving the boxes. Of course, I was wrong. Lol. The main reason for the difficulty is my inability to speak the language. I should really study the language asap.

I really hope my boxes will reach me.


  1. Yes you should learn the language fast since you are living there. Tomorrow will be my first lesson for Japanese language as I am preparing way ahead before my wife takes up her Phd studies offer.

    Hey what happened to all my comments in your earlier postings? You don't welcome comments yeah.... LOLOL

    1. Hey, good idea for you to study while you're still there! :-P I'm surviving, so far but I defo have to learn it :)

    2. Other comments published. Sorry, it's been a crazy week. Haha!