Monday, September 5, 2016

Hello, new week...

The past three days have been extremely busy.

As I said in earlier posts, I had to undergo a three-day training at the company’s head office in Shinjuku. The training starts at 10AM and ends at 7PM.

Even though I only have to be at the office by 945AM, I still leave the house early (around 610ish) because I’m not just yet ready to experience the Tokyo rush hour. (Uhm, I must say that even in Singapore, I also leave the house really early for the same reason).

I would reach Shinjuku area two hours early but I’m fine with it. It gives me enough time for breakfast and to review my notes. At the same time, I’m also reviewing my Japanese vocabulary workbook to kill time. So, the two hours before work are actually productive. Hehe!

Today is our last day of training, and I must say that I enjoyed the whole activity. Maybe because the trainers were great? Maybe because I like what I’m doing? Maybe because I’m excited to actually start work?

The important thing for me is that I look forward to going to my learning studio tomorrow. I’m excited to start actual work.

I may miss the view from the head office (see pictures above) but my learning studio location is actually fantastic. It’s right in the heart of the business district.

That’s something to also be excited about!


  1. Your training has ended. So fast! I am sure you would love to stay there permanently.

  2. Whoa. So happy for you, then, my good friend. Enjoy and continue to wow people.

  3. I think its amazing to be able to work in a field that you love. And I've always wanted to work in the CBD! The offices have such amazing views!