Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday at Kiyosumiteien...

What an interesting Sunday afternoon.

The day started with Mass at St. Ignatius... again. It's the only church I know that has a 7AM Mass and that is close to Otemachi/Tokyo Stations. The Mass is in Japanese but there are missalettes in English (and even Spanish), so I'm still able to follow the readings. The only thing I'm missing is the homily.

After Mass, I headed to Tokyo Station. I decided to work for a few hours on Sundays, and the learning center I'm assigned to on Sundays is right next to Tokyo Station. It was an interesting day. Hehe! Lesson learned: I really, really need to prep for each lesson. I didn't have enough time to prep for my lessons today so they were so so lessons. I hope no one gives me a negative feedback. Yikes!

From Tokyo Station, I walked over to Otemachi Station where I had to take the Hanzomon Line. Before taking the train, I changed out of my office clothes and into something more comfy. Haha!

My agenda this afternoon was to go check out Kiyosumiteien.

I have a list of Japanese gardens in Tokyo that I want to visit, and Kiyosummitein is on that list. The afternoon was even more interesting because I met up with someone who has the potential to be a friend.

So from Kiyosumi Shirakawa Station, we walked to nearby Kiyosumiteien. From outside, it's hard to imagine that there's such a magnificent garden behind the walls. As soon as we entered the garden, sheesh, I was in heaven. It is just so gorgeous!

My new friend and I spent a few hours at the garden. It was actually not that big, but we took our time walking around. I was taking photos and at the same time, I was admiring the gardens. What was extremely amazing about it was that you can walk around the garden and you will be rewarded with a different scenery from wherever you're standing.

I definitely will go back to see the garden on a sunny day. For sure, it'll be even more awesome.

Afterwards, we walked for 15 minutes and headed to Monzen Nakacho. It is a street lined with izakayas. We walked around and decided to go to an izakaya called Kushiya Yokocho (my new friend had to translate it!). I was hoping to have rice or some other carbs for dinner because my only meal for the day was breakfast at 9AM. Haha! But surprise, surprise, the yakiton we ordered was actually more than enough to satisfy me. Either that or it was because of all the cabbage I dipped on miso. It was a good substitute for rice, I guess. Haha!

We decided to call it a night after and I got home about an hour ago. Thankfully, tomorrow is a holiday so I have another day of rest. Yay!

Photos of Kiyosumiteien in another post.


  1. I am so nosy to ask.... How did you find this potential Japanese friend?

  2. Haha! ;-) We have a common friend from Singapore. :-)