Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Random blah before zzz time...

Today was not so busy at work. For some reason, it looks like many of our clients are away on holiday.

I only had 4 lessons today. Partly, it was okay because I had time to review other materials that I needed to read. At the same time, it’s not okay because no client means no income. Hahaha!

This morning was quite interesting because I had a first lesson with a new client. He’s in a beginner level but he’s determined to learn. That’s fun. The second client this morning is a favourite. She’s always positive and has a hearty laughter.

After my morning lessons, I went back home to wait for the mailman.

A few days ago, I received another notice from the post office saying I have undelivered mail. I actually thought they were my other two boxes from Singapore. I called the hotline and I was told that it was actually registered mail from Saitama. I had no idea what it is.

While waiting for the mailman to arrive, I did my laundry. I also worked on another thing. When the mail finally arrived, I tore open the envelope and as expected it was in Japanese. Hahaha!

My housemate was prepping his lunch and I had the audacity to disturb him. LOL! I showed him the letter but he also wasn’t sure what it was for. I looked at the piece of paper again and I was relieved when I saw a line saying that there was an English website. Yay!

In the afternoon, I went back to the office. I made myself available for about 6 lessons but I only taught 2 lessons. Again, it was somewhat okay because it gave me time to prepare for my Friday and Saturday lessons. After my last lesson, I stayed back some more to finish preparing for my Friday lessons. Initially, I only had 7 lessons scheduled for Friday. I checked again earlier and saw another lesson added. Hooray! It’s the same guy I had this morning.

Tomorrow is a holiday. That’s the only reason why I’m still up beyond 1130. LOL!

I have some stuff I want to do tomorrow. I just wish the sun would already come out. Ugh!


  1. Now I gather that you must be a language instructor there. Are you teaching them English or Tagalog? I am learning some Japanese here as I have mentioned so that I could do some simple job should my wife pursues her Phd in Japan later. I thought that I could teach simple English to the toddlers or maybe wash public toilets for a living. LOLOL

    1. Hey, hey! :D Yes, I am an English instructor. Yes, do learn some Japanese before the move. It makes such a huge difference. :) And yes, I think you can actually teach English or some other jobs for extra income. Haha! :D