Friday, October 14, 2016

Happy Friday...

I have not been writing for a few days.

It's because I've been busy.

Finally, found a Japanese class I like. Every week, I now attend three Japanese classes. It's not enough though. I defo have to find opportunities to practice and study outside of the lessons.

Other than that, the other thing I had to deal with this week is the cold weather. Temp has dropped to 14 degrees. Now, for someone who's lived all his life in tropical countries, 14 deg is already freezing. I dunnp how I 'll survive winter. Lol.

Furthermore, it's prolly because of the cold weather, I woke up a few nights ago with a painful right knee and an inflammed right foot. Hello, rheumatism? Thankfully, the painful part was not as excruciating as my usual gout attack. I managed to walk, at a glacial pace, to get to wherever.

This morning, it was much better. Whether it's the medicine I took or the holy water from Lourdes pr the intercession of the saints, I dunno. I'm just grateful it's much better now.

To end this post, something nice to share.

My manager approached me earlier just before I left. Turns out he spoke to one of my usual clients to ask for feedback. The client is one of my faves. This client is so dedicated to learning English but I think is spending too much time overthinking things. I want to help really. I told my manager this and what I've been doing. My manager just said to keep doing what I'm doing. He also said the client likes me and thinks I'm doing a good job. Yay.

Hope to get more similar clients. God knows I need it for economic reasons.

But yeah, the feedback made me happy.

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  1. It's good that you enjoy your time teaching there while learning too.
    You need to do what the folks do in Winter. Soak inside the onsen every night to stay fit, strong and healthy. Happy Weekend