Sunday, October 23, 2016

Singapore Chicken Rice in Tokyo!!! :D

So, I saw this while my visiting friend and I were looking for a lunch place near the office. Haha!

If not for my friend, I wouldn't have discovered this mini-weekend market near the office. It's a short walk away from the office and there are several food stalls and cutesy ornaments and knick knacks being sold.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this food truck. Haha! I defo wanted to try it. However, my friend obviously wanted to eat at a proper restaurant. Hence, we kept on walking and I led him to Rose Bakery. Hahaha!

Definitely, I will try the chicken rice one of these days. It's about SGD10.

Singapore, you really miss me, don't you?! Haha!


  1. Nothing beats Ipoh chicken rice, or chicken rice balls in Melaka :)

  2. Hello handsome! You looked so smart and gorgeous in suits like any other Tokyo hunks.

    I do love this Chinese styled Chicken Rice but I am surprised that it's a Singaporean franchise that made it there! Good!