Sunday, October 2, 2016

Beautiful Sunday...

Today was a good day.

I had three good lessons in the morning. Before heading to the office, I attended Mass at St. Ignatius. The Mass readings today is just beautiful. It was about faith and the importance of keeping the faith.

After work, I decided to go jalan jalan at Ginza. There was a store I wanted to check out. Sadly, they don't have brand I was looking for. Oh well, it was also good because that meant saving money. Haha!

From Ginza, I took the train back home.

The sun was out the entire day (yay!) so I took advantage of it. I did my laundry, I went to the grocery, and I guess the best part was being able to go for a short jog by Arakawa River. The heavens blessed with me a gorgeous sky painted with hues of blue, red, and pink. Hehe!

It's been a while since I last went for a jog. I'm grateful that my knees were okay. Haha!

After the jog, I headed back home, took a shower and did some more chores - folding clothes and ugh, my most hated chore - pressing clothes. But what to do. Haha!

Hope your weekend was great.


  1. Mabuhay! Today is beautiful Thursday and no updates??

    Ginza is very trendy and upscale with terrific prices! We had to avoid visiting Ropponggi after seing Ginza.

    1. Oh wow!!! Are you already here??? Welcome, welcome! :)

      Been working and working. Haha!

  2. Hey I am not there yet man. I was sharing our last trip's experience.
    I will be visiting the Sapporo Snow Festival. See you there!