Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Nice Wednesday...

Today was a good Wednesday.

In the morning, I decided to go to Waseda to check out another Japanese class run by volunteers.

So far, this was the best class I've attended. There are two of us in the group. The other student - a British lady - was about the same level as I am. That was great because our pace was in sync. Aside from that, the teacher was awesome. She was patient. She adjusted her speed of speech to our level. She used a variety of teaching techniques to go through the lesson.

I will defo go back next Wednesday.

After the lesson, I took the train to Kudanshita and walked to nearby Jimbocho. This was the other highlight of the day.

One of the people I follow on Instagram is @garcons_shi. I'm not sure how I stumbled upon his IG account. What I do know is that I followed him as soon as I saw how much of a CDG fan he is.

A few days ago, I messaged him on IG to ask if he was up for lunch. I didn't expect a reply because first, we don't really know each other; second, why would he want to meet up with me. LOL! So, I was really surprised when he agreed to meet up.

He's a nice guy. Of course, he noticed that I was wearing CDG Shirt. I had to wear one because I was meeting him. And besides, why else did I buy all these shirts if I won't wear them.

Anyway, we walked over to a curry rice place nearby. It turns out it was his fave. This is one good thing about being friends with locals. They always know where to go. We had a nice lunch.

The only downside was that we had a limited convo because my Japanese is soo bad. I wanted to ask him so many things and tell him how much I adore CDG but I had to make do with the few Japanese words that I know. Of course, he was also apologetic about his own English language skills.

Still, it was a good meetup. It strengthened my desire to learn the language faster and it also made me want to meet more people, I hope I do.

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