Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Welcoming 2012...

This is a late post on welcoming 2012, but still I'd like to write about it for the simple reason that it is important to me.

Back in Manila, New Year's Eve is such a big deal for me, as it is for almost every other Filipino household I suppose. My Mom, my brothers and I would all be preoccupied with our own assignments for the Media Noche. It's become a family tradition that each one has a role for welcoming the brand new year.

And hours even before the clock strikes 12, one can already feel the very festive mood because of all the sound of fireworks that can be heard around the neighborhood.

It is quite different here in Singapore. I was expecting it. I've been told about it. And it's true.

Had I not left the house, it would just be like any other weekend night. It was very quiet, and almost everyone just went on with their usual activity.

Thankfully, Richie and Mon invited me and Pg Boy to dinner at their home. Richie's Mom was in town, and I already knew how good she is as a cook. There was no way I was going to miss that dinner. Haha!

Prior to heading to the dinner, Pg Boy and I had to go to the "unofficial" housewarming of his friend. He's Indonesian-Chinese with a Filipino partner. I've met the close friends of Pg Boy, and I have grown to like them. There are times when I still feel like the outsider but I suppose that's natural being the new kid on the block.

After the housewarming, we headed to Richie's place where we had, as I expected, a fantastic dinner.

Mon prepared a really nice soup. Richie prepared some grilled chops. Richie's Mom cooked really yum pancit. Even Pg Boy liked the pancit with meatballs. There was wine. There was cheese and crackers. There was salad. It was a good dinner.

From Richie's place, we headed to City Hall to meet up with the group of Pg Boy. We were going to watch the fireworks at the Marina Bay.

We were unable to get a good spot though as the roads leading to Esplanade have already been barricaded. Instead, we had to find a place at the park near the Fullerton Hotel.

It was still okay, because I got a good view of the fireworks.

As the time neared midnight, there was excitement in the air. We didn't hear the actual countdown at the Esplanade. But as soon as I saw the time on my iPhone turn 12:00, the fireworks display began.

It lasted for several minutes, and the whole time I was just really, really happy.

Once it was over, we had a group hug and greeted each one a Happy New Year. Haha!

It was a simple, but a memorable welcoming of 2012.

Hope your New Year celebration was just as meaningful and memorable!

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