Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bintan weekend getaway part 2...

Sunday morning, I woke up around 7AM. Pg Boy was still fast asleep, so were the other three guys. I took a peak outside and saw that the sun was already up.

I told a half-asleep Pg Boy I was going out for a walk.

I may have missed the sunrise, but the deserted beach, the morning sun, and the sound of the waves still gave me a good morning walk.

Around 9AM, I met up with the guys at Lotus Cafe for a major breakkie. Hehe! Okay, I have to say that there are points for improvement, in terms of the service. One of the waiters got my order for the eggs, but it never came. I had to go up to the omelette station and ask for it again.

But other than that, I thought the food was okay.

Then, we headed to the beach to enjoy the water. It was only me, MkSurf8 and RKGreg who went into the water. Chris already swam at the pool the previous day. Pg Boy swam at the pool and at the beach the previous day. Both of them just decided to stay under the shade and chill. Meanwhile, I definitely enjoyed the water.

By the way, the Banyan Tree Bintan was just right next to us. There was no wall separating Angsana from Bintan. There was just a small signage that read Private Walk to Banyan Tree, and a few steps aways a signange that read Private Walk to Angsana. I dunno why, but from the outside the Angsana looked better than the Banyan Tree. Hehe!

We checked out of the hotel at 1PM.

The shuttle brought us to the ferry terminal at 230, which was a good idea because immigration also took quite a while.

We reached Singapore shores almost at 6.

It was truly a great weekend! Thank you so much, MkSurf8, for letting us celebrate with you!!! :-)

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