Thursday, July 5, 2012

I was at Pink Dot 2012...

Last weekend, 15,000 Singaporean citizens and PRs headed down to Hong Lim Park for the fourth Pink Dot event. This is the first time though that the event was held in the evening. With pink torch lights in their hands, Hong Lim Park became a sea of bright pink lights that was a sight to behold (as one could see from the videos).

This is my second Pink Dot. It's a venue for straight and LGBT Singaporeans to gather and celebrate diversity, inclusiveness and the freedom to love

Last year, I came to the event with friends to watch and show our support to the local LGBT community. This year, I had more participation because the group I'm volunteering with had a booth at the Pink Dot Community Tent. (I didn't join the formation though. Reason mentioned below.)

It was really encouraging to see quite a number of LGBT and LGBT-friendly organizations existing in the frequently-stereotyped as conservative society.

Walking around the booths, there were groups for youth, for lesbians, for transgenders, for fans of LGBT movies and fiction, for bears, and so on.

In our booth, we gave out information flyers on the services offered by the organization.

Around 7 plus, this year's Pink Dot ambassadors headed to the small stage at the center of the Speaker's Corner to lead the Pink Dot formation.

Everyone was requested to turn off all their torch lights. The countdown began, and soon enough the dark space was lit by thousands and thousands of pink lights. The song "True Colors" started to play and everyone just started singing. It gave me goosebumps.

Along with other foreigners, I watched all of this happen from the designated bservation area. Regulations of the venue state that only Singaporean citizens and Permanent Residents can join in the formation. I understand and respect this.

This year's Pink Dot campaign video was dubbed "Someday." In the video, it shows a vision for the LGBT community in Singapore. I thought that the campaign video theme was also apt for me and fellow foreigner supporters. All of us, if not most, aspire to be able to go join the Pink Dot formation as well... someday.

Meanwhile, huge congratulations to everyone behind Pink Dot 2012. Without a doubt, it was successful both in staging the event and more importantly, delivering a message that the LGBT community exists and is part of the Singapore society.

Til next year again...

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