Monday, August 17, 2015

Study date at the library and the new restau at Forum...

Well, today was packed again. Haha!

There are two highlights today. But first, let me begin with the somewhat highlights. Being extremely tired yesterday, I slept at 1030AM and that meant I was up before 7AM. That was great because I was able to go for my usual short run at the park connector near my neighbourhood. By 8AM, I was back at my place and got ready for my morning, noontime and early afternoon activities. The other somewhat highlight was that I managed to finally schedule another session with Yoshisensei. I'm glad that I can still remember most of the things. However, I really need to study, study, study more.

Okay, moving on to the two highlights.

First is something that happened from morning until early afternoon just before my session with Yoshisensei. I went on a somewhat different date. A day after National Day, I started talking to this guy who lived a few train stations away from my place. We agreed to meet up for lunch today. A lunch date was just right because I planned to spend morning and early afternoon at the library.

When I told him my plans, he said, "Why don't we have breakfast? And then, if you don't mind the company, I'll join you at the library. I have stuff to do too, anyway." In my head, I thought that was even better.

So WDL Guy and I met up at a Toastbox near the library. He is a nice guy. The best thing is that we can actually talk. It was easy to get along with him. From Toastbox, the library was just a stone's throw away. He suggested we go there thirty minutes before opening time. When we reached the library, I understood why. There were already four queues of students camping out and waiting for the library to open. As the opening time neared, the crowd got bigger. It felt strange because I think WDL Guy and I were the most senior in the crowd. We were surrounded by sec school and uni kids. Haha!

The library finally opened and I led WDL Guy to the usual spot I go to for peace and quiet. For the next three hours, we were just seated next to each other. I was reading my book and taking down notes. He was also doing his own thing.

Around 1PM, I asked him if he wanted to have lunch. He said yes. That was great because it meant continued talk time from breakkie. We didn't really get to talk at the library. Haha! We walked over to a kopitiam near to the library. Thankfully, it wasn't crowded. We got a table and managed to stay for about two hours for lunch and chitchat.

By 3, I told him I needed to get back because I had a 4PM appointment. He was kind enough to walk me back to the train station. I thought that was nice. Before we parted ways, he told me to give him a call if ever I'll bet at the library. That way, he will join me. I'm not sure if there'll be a second date but I'm glad that the somewhat impromptu date happened.

On to the second highlight of the day, it was dinner with Mon, Richie, Ana, Ann Marie at the newly opened Jamie Oliver's at Forum. I'm always happy to see Mon and Richie because we never run out of things to talk about. It was also great seeing Ana and Ann Marie because both girls always have stories to share.

Hmm, about the restau, I only enjoyed the dessert. For the pasta and the pizza, I'd choose The Wine Connection on any given day. For the price that we paid, we could have had a much better meal at Wine Connection. Hehe! Thank goodness for great company!

I reached home thirty minutes ago. What I thought was going to be an early night turned out to be late night. Hehe! It's okay.

Today was a good day!

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